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A perfect tan is always in. But while a lot of celebrities swear by this sun-kissed look, most self-tanning addicts have, at one point or another, failed to achieve the complexion they are aiming for. Are you one of them?

It’s 2016, and this year is about doing things right in the name of tanning. Perfect your self-tanning attempt now. Read on for some quick tips:

Load up on water. Water does all sorts of miracles in your body, so why deny yourself of it? Start your day with a few glasses of water, and make sure you drink more within the day to avoid dehydration or heat stroke. Plus, you get vibrant, supple skin.

Remove your dead skin cells. Exfoliate your skin with a loofah or sponge and wax unneccessary hair. This important step helps you achieve an even, longer lasting golden tan.

Apply sunscreen. Generously apply SPF creams, lotions, and hair conditioner to protect your skin and hair. Now, you’re ready to head outdoors!

Tan moderately. Here’s where most people make a blunder. Some people try to overdo their tanning, thinking that staying for 30 minutes to one hour will help them achieve their desired complexion in an instant. This usually ends in an awful, prickly sunburn that’s bound to take weeks to heal. Remember that you can pursue your tanning with a good 20 minutes for several days. Also avoid going under the sun beyond 10 AM.

Once you’re done, cover up. Once you’re done with your tanning session, make sure you rest under a shade. If you need to be out in the sun, don’t forget to bring your umbrellas, hats, body coverups, and sunglasses.

There you have it. Be good to your skin on your next beach getaway in Sydney.

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